Grove Equipment Service Inc, Took my money and my Tractor still dosent run

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To begin with my tractors clutch went out and Grove Tractor picked it up and fixed it. I was happy with the job. Later then tractor would not start. I called Grove tractor and they sent a guy out to pick it up. They kept my tractor from 08/18/2009 to 01/25/10.

I called and called and Rick just kept putting me off stating that their real busy. What I later found out was Rick did not want to work on my tractor so he kept putting other tractors in front of mine. They finally put a starter and switch on the tractor and charged me 505.77. When they returned my tractor the driver dropped it off on my septic tank. When I tried to crank the tractor it would not start. So I called Rick and he did not believe it so he sent a mechanic out. The mechanic then acknowledged that it wont start. So about a month later on 02/21/11 they sent a driver to pick the tractor up again.

This time they had the tractor until 05/25/11. I called Rick and asked him to weld the exaust back on and change the ignition switch because I lost the key. So after many calls They dropped the tractor off at my house. Well this time they did not put it on my septic tank. Unfortuanly I guess Rick was really tired of messing with my tractor and didnt even bother to air up the tires. My back tire was totally flat. When I spoke to the owner David Mckeeman he stated "I cant belive that Rick would let a tractor leave here with a flat. The tractor must have gone flat at your house. I said I bet you cant belive my tractor has been at your shop for over a year and still isnt fixed either. He just said he would look into it.

Well the tractor would not start, it had a flat, the exaust was barley welded on and fell off, and of course the tractor would not start. So I called the owner David again and he stated he dosent believe his shop would ever return a vehicle without it starting. Well I wonder how this guy has been able own any business much less a repair shop.

So finally the owner sent out a mechanic who tried to start the tractor but it would not start. He said the battery was dead. I then said well no s**t, that is one of the reason you have had my tractor for over a year. HE didnt bother to charge the battery or anything. I asked about the ignition switch and he said we couldnt locate one. Well I went home and in 5 minutes located one online. For this final repair they put in a fuel pump, with a charge of 461.87. Now I have invested over 967.64 into repairs and still dont have a running tractor. The owner would never call me back and only replied to my BBB complaint. Of course he said they tried to call me and I was satisfied such and so forth. Everything I have said is documented. This company was a nightmare to work with. Please deal with them at your own risk, document everything, take pictures. 800-833-2460,863-537-1345, 863-559-8175, 813-759-8722, David, Alvie Still Plant City Manager, Richard Hanson Plant City,Richard Compton Plant City

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